Advanced open water diver

You have tried it; you love it and now want more.  This course is for the individuals that are completely comfortable in water and are ready to learn more. This is your 1st step into becoming an experienced diver.

This course includes.

5 Adventure Dives (where 2 dives are compulsory as a navigation dive and the other a deep dive)

You then have an option of choosing 3 other options from the list below.

·        Peak performance buoyancy

·        Drift dive

·        Shark Identification

·        Search and Recovery

·        Multi-level dive

·        Underwater Naturalist


This course is for you.

You have the heart of a true explorer and want to experience more.  Always wanted to know what lies beneath the 18m depth gauge or just want to perfect your buoyancy.  Wrecks are so cool with years of history on display for you to see.

You will be allowed to dive to 30m with this qualification.